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    Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    So about three months ago I was wandering around on eBay (dangerous habit you know ) and I stumbled across something that interested me at once. It was an auction just like this one going on right now. So I bid on it and eventually ended up winning! I paid about $40 + 10 s&h (the starting bid was much less then; now it starts at $47 + 10), and a week later much to my delight I was sent two sets of six fireflies for my backyard!

    These firefly lights are made by Creativations. Their official site can be found here. What they say about their product is absolutely true; theirs is the only one that recreates real firefly motion just like Disneyland does. They even mention Pirates of the Carribean in several places on their site, and rightfully so! I did my research before I bid on it; the other ones I found were rediculously overpriced, and they all seemed to be stationary wires with bulbs at the end that just sit in a bush and blink- lame! Creativations has got the real thing. And I'll prove it to you!

    I made a video of the firefly lights in my backyard. I despise youtube with a passion, so instead I put it on yousendit. Here's the link:

    [Actually, I've had the footage for a long time; I just now took the time to make a video out of it. If anyone has issues getting it to work (it's .wmv), I'll youtube it *sigh*]

    The only difference between these ones and the ones you find on PotC is the fans are connected to the wire (so you don't need fans placed somewhere else). It's all self-contained, and I'm very pleased with it. And like their site says,

    It's All Done with Special Wires

    P.S. If you're ambitious and can't afford buying the set, you can always make your own from these do-it-yourself instructions, but of course, results may vary!
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    Re: Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    Hey that's pretty cool!

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    Re: Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    One of the birthday parties for a certain MC member recieved this FireFly set. It's amazing. I'm very curious about more reviews from people who already own them. Thanks for posting this.
    Watched the video, nice work with the added Pirate's ride sounds.
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    Re: Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    Oh how I want those!!! We named our ranch Lightning Bug Creek because I love fireflies so much. (Especially Disneyland ones. . ) We actually have real ones during early summer but I would love to be able to put those out in our woods for my son!!! Thanks for the link and I'm certainly getting some!

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    Re: Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    yes that is very awsome, I have visited that site several times for my own backyard.. I might put out though that the fireflies that you can create that are on that site do NOT blink.... they are steady on.

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    Re: Backyard Imagineering: Firefly Lights- video, pictures, links!

    The limit has been reached for viewing your video, I wish I could see it! Must be cool.

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