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    Hi all,

    you KNEW this was coming eventually, didn't you ?? When's Lashbear going to start posting diabetic friendly recipes for us to try - ones that please the WHOLE family and don't taste too much like "scrodge-on-a-stick"

    Well, here's the first one for you - I expect you all to join in - especially my comrade in arms, ~MS~. *hugs*

    (These are really ULTRA Low GI and incredibly yummy !!!!!!)

    • 350g (12.34 Oz) haricot beans (I LOVE these beans)
    • 1 onion
    • 1 clove garlic
    • 2 sticks celery
    • 2 carrots
    • 4 tomatoes
    • 1 TB tomato puree
    • 2 TSP paprika (*Hungarian Smoked Paprika adds a real WOW factor*)
    • 1 TSP Equal Spoonful sweetner
    • pepper
    • One vegetarian bacon stock cube (*if you REALLY want that salt-pork/bacony flavour - alternately chop up a little "notbacon" and add that... not too much though, as it's quite high in Fat.*)
    • a little stock for frying
    • Soak the beans overnight (*This makes them less Farty*), or pour boiling water over them an hour before using (*Fartier than soaking overnight.*)
    • Boil the beans until nearly tender, or cook under pressure (the beans, not you) for 6 minutes.
    • Peel and chop the vegetables and fry them gently in the stock until they are giving up their own juices.
    • Cool, remove from the pan and liquidise this mixture.
    • Place the beans in a dish and pour over the liquidised vegetables, tomato puree, paprika and seasonings. If the beans are not just covered by the liquid, add a little more stock (Not bean-soaking water, unless you want the 'F' Factor added back in).
    • Cover the dish and cook at 120C (250F) or gas mark 1 for an hour or so, or until the beans are fully tender.
    • For a great main meal, simply serve on a Whole Baked Yam (which is lower GI than a potato) and sprinkle a little parmesan over the top if desired. (*Parmesan is a nice strong flavour and you only need a little to add that golden cheesy goodness without all the fat.*)
    Hugs & Hope you enjoy !!
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