This is an e-mail I received today, just sharing it with those that are interested. If anybody goes I'd love to see a report and pictures!

Hello Club members!

As you know last spring Disney legend Bob Gurr and I got a chance to be on stage together and speak to the alumni club. This time around I'm lucky enough to present live on stage a man who worked side by side with Walt Disney and has worked for The Walt Disney Company for 50 consecutive years! A man who started at Disneyland a month before the park opened, a man who created the popular Disneyland News and Vacationland magazine, a man who wrote the Carousel of Progress scripts,
came up with the "Happy Haunts" concept for the Haunted Mansion and ran Walt Disney Imagineering and green lighted almost every popular attraction at every Disney park worldwide! Disney Legend Marty Sklar!!!

Yes Live and in person Mr. Marty Sklar will be on hand for a special Lunch and discussion. This special one time only event will take place at the Anaheim Holiday Inn near Disneyland! Saturday November 4, 2006
is the date for this one of a kind encounter With a them park icon and one of Walt Disney’s most trusted friends.

Normally you have to be a member of the Disneyland Alumni club or have worked at Disneyland to go. BUT….Paula is allowing any one who mentions the Extinct Attractions Club a chance to buy a ticket. In our new Podcast (100% FREE) Paula explains all about how The Disneyland Alumni Club works and best of all how you can experience a special Lunch With Marty Sklar and myself live on stage!

The format of the show is going to be like the show Bob Gurr and I did
in March. We will have a screen with Menu choices of Different Disneyland topics, rides, and of course stories about Walt Disney. You the audience is invited to choose the topics Marty will discuss and we will have video and film of each topic discussed.

To see a DVD on the last event and pictures please visit:
for the DVD
for Pictures

This is going to be truly a unique event! I invite you to come on out and meet Marty Sklar! (other famous Disney folks are rumored to also be coming as members of the audience) I hope to see you there.

To come to the event here is a link for the form, Hurry and order your tickets soon, as this event will sell out. You get a great gourmet lunch and a show! Plus members of the Disneyland alumni Club include several famous Disney folks so you never know who is going to be there. Marty was the boss for so long that its quite likely we see quite a few well know Disney people at the event!