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    Has anyone used this site before? (link: ) It appears to be legal but I'm leary because the downloads are so inexpensive.

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    Re: is better. It's legal and you can download for damn cheap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post is better. It's legal and you can download for damn cheap! is great, but the site goes down a little too often for my taste (probably just due to heavy traffic). Also, depending on the title, sometimes you can get a cheaper deal here -

    Any of the Russian MP3 sites are totally legal, because of quirks in Russian copyright law. The neat thing about them is that sometimes you can find titles that are out of print here in the States, and even some that have never been released on CD in the US. Not to mention the ridiculously low prices. I've used for several months and have never had a problem with any of their files or with my payment information. They offer quality stuff, including Disney titles (yes, out of print stuff too). And it is extremely LEGAL.

    Granted, it doesn't compare to actually having the CD, with all that that can provide (the CD inserts and other professional artwork, mostly, as well as additional songs and video data that are being provided on newer CD releases in some cases). But they're great for obtaining stuff that's hard to find or albums you'd like to listen to but aren't sure about coughing up big bucks for.


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