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    BrainToad's Adventures in Food: Griddlecake Sandwich

    Another installment in my adventures in tasting weird and unusal food (well only the second installment)

    When McDonalds first released tgheir Griddlecake sandwich, I didn't pay much mind as I stopped eating at the Golden Arches 4 years ago. The sandwich didn't look all that appitizing and looked more like yet another heart attack inducing product.

    Well now I've gotten a chance to try the sandwich, not from McDonalds but from Aunt Jemima, in frozen form. Now I'm now a huge breakfast person, especially on weekedays when I have school. I usually have something ready-made or microwaveable. This week I got these Griddlecakes.

    I took the things out of the box, the directions said microwave for a minute and a half in the plastic wrapper, which seemed weird. So I did. Took it out and it didn't look too appitizing. The cheese was melted and seemed to coat the plastic, but it hadn't. The pancakes felt really sogging and one seemed to spring a leak and had some syrup dripping out of it.

    Took the first bite and was overwhelmed by the taste of pancake and syrup and nothing else. It wasn't that plesant of a taste. Took some more bites, confirming that frozen egg is not very tasty (as found in the breakfast hot pockets I was eating before)

    Overall the thing was not very good and I'm glad there is only two, because I do no look forward to eating them again.

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    Re: BrainToad's Adventures in Food: Griddlecake Sandwich

    I love the ones at McDonalds.

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    Re: BrainToad's Adventures in Food: Griddlecake Sandwich

    You should really try the ones at McDonald's. They are delicious, although I only eat them every 2 or 3 months to keep the heart attacks down ...

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    Re: BrainToad's Adventures in Food: Griddlecake Sandwich

    The ones at Mickey D's are actually quite good. I'm not a breakfast person either but if I'm actually up early enough and have the time and am hungry I'll get myself one of these.

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    Re: BrainToad's Adventures in Food: Griddlecake Sandwich

    Mm, the McDonalds ones are sweet and nummy.
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