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    Have any of you read the article in Wireless magazine about perverts on the internet?

    My husband was just telling me about this last night , but neither he or I have read it yet. Apparently, the article tells about the most common things that perverts tend to post in their profiles. And when an investigation was done, 400 perverts with known felonies were found on various websites because they had ALL posted those most common things in their profiles. I am anxious to read this article and see what those things were!!!

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    Re: Have any of you read the article in Wireless magazine about perverts on the inter

    <hides profile from public view>

    Move along, nothing to see here...

    All kidding aside, it's very scary. A lot of people don't realize how open the internet really is. That self-proported teenager could be some 40-something weirdo that gets his/her kicks duping people into believing they're actually a kid.

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