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    Re: what do you do with the left overs from thanksgiving?

    i go and donate or give them to friends who are a little hard up.....i love turkey...but thats alot of turkey, lol

    btw kingofhearts


    im sure some o your friends wouldn't mind you joining them, after all is a time for friends and family.
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    Re: what do you do with the left overs from thanksgiving?

    Biscuits and gravy and turkey.....and maybe a couple of sandwiches, depending on how much we get as our "allotment" to take home, lol!
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    Re: what do you do with the left overs from thanksgiving?

    Hmm - turkey sandwiches two different ways: hot - open-faced and smothered w/ gravy or cold - w/ mustard and cranberry sauce. We also make turkey noodle soup. Sometimes, we do it asian-style with rice noodles and ginger - I think it's called juk. (Hawaiians call it "chicken long rice")

    And then my mom makes a Peruvian style casserole dish with tomato paste, onions and potatoes seasoned w/ cumin. Sounds kind of odd, but soooo good. Turkey enchiladas w/ red chile sauce are good too.

    We always have a lot of leftovers, though - so a lot of the meat goes into the freezer. We don't get tired of it that way, since we can kind of spread out our turkey consumption over a longer period of time.
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