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    Exclamation Oy! What a pain in the neck!

    Well, I took a nap yesterday and when I woke up my neck was just KILLING ME!!! I have tried stretching/cracking/rubbing, everything I can think of, but it still hurts today which has never happened to me before. Its on my right side and hurts most when I turn my head.

    I am not sure what to do. I have been taking as much ibuprofin as I can and I don't have anything stronger in the house. I am also using a heating pad on the sore spot, which helps a little.

    So does anyone have any suggestions for me? I can't use Icy/Hot because I can't tolerate it, my skin is too sensitive. Is there anything OTC I can try that is stronger or better for this kind of pain than Advil? I am trying to avoid going to the doctor just because I don't have time this week, but I don't have time for this either!

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    Re: Oy! What a pain in the neck!

    Wow, I don't know. I would say of course to try and soak in the bath, get some epsom salt in there and really let your muscles soak in the warmth.

    Otherwise, we need to find a way to send Fishbulb up to you so he can use his magic hands on you.

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    Re: Oy! What a pain in the neck!

    DQ, try some naprosyn instead of ibuprofen. Some anti-inflammatories work better for some people than others, and even work differently for different types of pain. Ibuprofen does nothing for me, but naprosyn (brand name, Aleve) works like a miracle, even on my back pain from a pinched nerve!

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    Re: Oy! What a pain in the neck!

    Try taking a really hot shower, putting the water on the affected area. If you have a shower massage, those work really well. Also, you might try a hot jacuzzi :-)

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    Re: Oy! What a pain in the neck!

    Good advice from below posters. Yes, take an anti-inflammatory. I'd advise a slow stretch of your neck.........just hold your head down and just hold it to the count of like 20 - do it like 4 times or so.

    I'd take a shower, let the warm water just run on the stretches again.

    This too shall pass.

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