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    Re: Decorative Towels - Love them? or Hate them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperbole View Post
    I don't understand people who use decorative towels, but have no OTHER towels out. Then complain when people use their decorative towels. What's the point of that???
    Yep, that's the problem, right there. I don't care if you set out a roll of paper towels, but offer me something!
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    Re: Decorative Towels - Love them? or Hate them?

    I have some decorated towels but if I have them out, they are intended to be used. Generally I'm less fussy though, and my front bathroom has just a regular bath towel set out for hand-drying.

    The thing I really hate are the decorative soaps.
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    Re: Decorative Towels - Love them? or Hate them?

    my prob with decorative towels is I never know if I should use it to dry my hands. My sister says no as she has some in her bathroom but has another towel for hand drying and she get mad when people use her decorative towels.

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