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    Quote Originally Posted by neuhickman79
    YAY for being stuck in the Midwest and homesick for least I've got my wonderful husband. He keeps me in my Fantasyland all the time !...So, let me rephrase that...YAY for being stuck in the Midwest with my wonderful husband and homesick for Disneyland but in our own Fantasyland all the time...."YAY I'M GOING TO HAWAII...YAY....HEY LADY!!!!"

    Thanks for that. I needed that. But it was getting quite depressing. I think I might just change my policy on phone calls in the park. I love getting them... but I might not do it anymore during meets, etc. But going on IASW was so much fun! Thanks Ortizmo.

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    I've said for awhile now that all the Midwest micechatters should meet at the Disney Store in the Mall of America. At least we'd be "themed" well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disneyphile
    I wonder if that's still considered a "Code V"........
    Ugh, I cannot resist the prompt. It has the generic and boring call of just 'medical cleanup'.
    The Next Big Disney Thing: starts Jan. 3rd

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