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    And now- a Playboy Party Joke!

    Ok- so it isn't dirty, but it got you to look!

    Appeared in the June 2005 Playboy:

    "A man went to his doctor and said 'When I got up this morning I instinctively put on a pair of white gloves and called my wife Minnie. On the way to work I wouldn't help singing, 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.' And at the office I called my boss Grumpy. What's the matter with me?'

    'Isn't it obvious?' the doctor said, 'You're having Disney spells.' "
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    I haven't read Playboy in 3 years, but I must say that is the cleanest joke I've ever known to be in the magazine.
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    Grumpy? hmmmm, Sounds like my Boss at work, lol

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