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Thread: Pieces Of April

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    Pieces Of April

    Toda I saw the Thanksgiving themed movie, "Pieces Of April". I thought it brilliantly done, and It was hilarious, and very sad at the same time. In case you don't know, it is done in a "documentary style", so you'lle notice if you've seen or or do see it, it dosn't look like a regular movie you see. Its about a 21 year old girl who invites her family over for Thanksgiving Dinner, and follows her throughout the movie as she desperatly searches for an oven to cook her turkey in (hers breaks).
    And it shows what happens to the family on the way there. The mother in it has breast cancer, so she is constatley getting sick and smoking pot to keep the pain away. The movie is funny...but when it talks about the mom it is very sad.
    So, if you get a chance to go to the video store, this is definitley one to watch!
    But, you may want to keep the kids out of it. It has a small sex scene, shows the woman who has cancers breasts, and some cussing.
    But we saw it at school, lol
    Enjoy it!

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    Re: Pieces Of April

    I've seen it several times and I love it. April's so sweet and tries so hard. It's easy to dislike the mom, despite her health issues. But then you feel guilty for disliking's complex.

    Great movie. Although it's not really done documentary-style. But it's a low budget movie with some great acting and characters.

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    Re: Pieces Of April

    Beautiful movie. I enjoyed it since it didn't paint the picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

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