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    Learning Foreign Languages

    I'm interested in learning Japanese. I only know three words of it now, but I want to become fluent in it someday (for when I travel to Japan). What tapes/books/software would you recommend to me?
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    Re: Learning Foreign Languages

    When i took a class in it, I used a textbook called Genki. Pretty decent.

    Main thing is learn the different alphabets. Hiragana and Katakana to start with. You can find alphabet sheets online for free I'm sure. Or maybe find some flash cards with memory tricks.

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    Re: Learning Foreign Languages

    Genki is pretty much the most recommended of any book series... But, if I remember right, you'll need to at least know the kana before starting.

    Japanese For Busy People is probably standing at #2, but if you get that, get the Kana version. Definitely get a Kana workbook.

    There's also a new series out called Elementary Japanese. 2 huge hardcover books that comes with CD-ROMs. From what I've seen, they look to be very nice. $50 per book.

    Best place to order your learning supplies:

    Also, is a very useful site, especially in terms of the forums. is a great site if you want to pay for lessons.

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    Re: Learning Foreign Languages

    Well, I don't know about Japanese, but I am learning French right now. What I've found to really work is total immersion, as I think it'd be pretty awesome to become fluent in another language. So I try to practice as much as I can, I've got a pen pal (we've become really good friends actually, I'm visiting her next summer) and I rent a lot of French movies, and I always try to read the French on the cereal boxes and other products (in Canada everything's written in French and English because of the silly Quebecois).

    It's worked like a charm, I'm miles ahead of my class.

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    Re: Learning Foreign Languages

    Ususally when you learn a new language... learn the swear words first!

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