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    I'm glad that I'm not the only person here who believes being a parent does not always mean being a friend!
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    Parents are not Friends, and should never be such until such time that their adult children are ready for it. (though I admit, sometimes the tables are turned... the adult children have to wait for their parents to drop the parenting shtick and let them live their own lives before friendship is possible)

    I can't recall who said it, but yes, it's true, minors don't have the luxury of privacy, for a very good reason. Them's the breaks.
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    So, is the goal to not have your teens hate you.... Or is the goal to keep them out of trouble?

    I only wish more parents had that philosophy. I tell my daughter (whenever she feels I am being extra mean bad mommy for whatever the current injustice in her opinion is..)
    "I am not here to be your friend, I am your mother and I love you very much. My job is to make sure you grow up to be a responsable, intellegent, strong woman. Not to try to make you like me or win any popularity contest, When you grow up we can be friends, right now I'm the Mom."

    Plus, don't you realize that kids in high school mock the kids who still have over-protective parents?
    So? Do you think we were never there? Hell I was teased too for having overprotective parents and at the time it sucked, but it was high school 4 short years in the sceme of things and I am a better person for it ( Yes I do mean that)

    Teens seem to think all parents were hatched as adults and therefore have NO idea what it is like to be a teen, and that we put all these restrictions on them because we jsut don't get it.

    OHHHHH, we were teens..... We get it, and that is EXACTLY why we put these restrictions on them.
    EXACTLY!!!! I remember it all, my poor kids will have a pretty dang hard time getting away with anything....

    I have so many more comments...but in the intrest of time, I'll leave it at this for now...

    Just know that if you are a Teen right now, and think that we are a bunch of old Fogies that don't know anything, remeber this conversation in a few years when you have kids, I am certain you will have a different opinion then.

    Edit: one more comment
    it's true, minors don't have the luxury of privacy, for a very good reason. Them's the breaks.
    I absolutly agree, Privacy is a privlage not a right. You have to earn your privacy, you break the rules you lose your privacy.
    and to add to that if one of my children gives me reason to not trust them, if I am concerned for their safety I will look, Privacy or not it is my responsability to ensure my childern are safe.

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