I came across this article which I found interesting and thought others might enjoy it.


Here is a quick peek of the Disney-related part (but I enjoyed the whole article):
Like many chefs, the 30 year-old California native’s beginning in the restaurant business was entirely accidental. At 16, Neroni had enrolled in college classes as part of an accelerated art program. To pay the bills, he applied for a job at Disneyland. “When I got there, I guess I didn’t fit the image, so they put me in a basement prep kitchen under New Orleans Square,” says Neroni. He peeled cases of fruit and potatoes for a whole summer. Otherwise, Neroni found himself mixing “trash can-sized buckets of Ranch Dressing.”

Later Neroni landed a job with the Chateaubriand-making French’s chef's equivalent of the witness protection program, Disneyland’s top secret and mysterious Club 33. Here he was first exposed to the classics -- Loup de Mer, Sauce Béarnaise -- all that stuff. Neroni later moved to San Francisco and worked days at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio and nights for free at Chez Panisse, for a whole year. “Postrio was the first place I saw things like foie gras with vanilla and pineapple,” he says. “It blew my mind.”