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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverNeverland
    A Kohl's just opened near me... it's not a good thing at all! Luckily Disneyland already has dibs on all my money.
    Where did they open up Kohls?! The closest one to me is in San Dimas (i think it's San Dimas).
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    Quote Originally Posted by liberalkid1018
    what about real stores, not corperate conglomerates
    Target started in Minnesota and contributes to our local schools, I'd figure that pretty cool. They care higher calaber products than Wal Mart and because they buy in bulk they can offer me the most competative prices. I shop my local used record shops and thrift stores but you can't beat a CD brand new for 9.99!

    Besides dude, you live in LA---what small businesses? You mean the shiznet on Rodeo drive? or the bad *** slew of liquor stores on every street corner?

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    Trader Joe's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquidspaceman
    I also like how WalMart snubs its nose to the unions. You call unions the American way! I don't think so! I like choice!
    Wal-Mart doesn't give it's employers any choice. Last month a Wal-Mart in Canada acquired all the votes among employees and completed all the paperwork to go union, so Wal-Mart shut down the store.

    Not that I don't understand what you're trying to say, but that's not really "choice" either.

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    Hands down I am a Target girl....I bet I am there 3 times a week...Now thats crazy My only problem with Target is they didnt have any Christmas signs up, they all said Happy Solstice, kinda sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liberalkid1018
    what about real stores, not corperate conglomerates
    Wow, I didn't know you could get such negative reputation here...

    Quote Originally Posted by fishbulb
    Trader Joe's
    I agree. Trader Joe's and Henry's for food, and Target for everyday stuff.
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