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    Posting Pictures - I need advice.

    I have been posting pictures using Photobucket. For the most part, everything has gone along just fine. Today, I clicked on Photobucket the usual way. Loaded on about 4 photos, which I planned on posting in the Scrapbook club. I posted one photo just fine. When I wanted to continue, Photobucket wanted me to Log back on. That part wasn't annoying. What was annoying was that it kept sending me back to the search page of the internet, and not to my photos.

    My question is actually 2 fold:

    How can I correct this problem?.....and

    Are there other sites out there that I could possible use instead?
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    Re: Posting Pictures - I need advice.

    I personally prefer Image Shack.

    No offense to Photobucket, as I've never used it. But I do see a great deal of problems from other forum users across the web with that particular image hosting service. Image Shack has been very reliable to me.

    Rather then a log in, unless they've changed this recently, when you register they send you a registration link. You have to use that link to "log in" to your account without entering any actual information each time. You'll usually stay logged in as long as your cookies are not cleared, but you can always use the same registration link (save it to Favorites) to access your account again if that happens.

    Here's a preview of what the new interface looks like just to give you an idea. They've also got a rather handy, optional toolbar (not shown), that lets you grab images from your computer a lot faster.

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