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    Post your poetry-

    Hey- there are many types of art....

    Fear dulls the glow from the rise of the sun

    And fear makes a smile grow dim

    Fear is the poison that seeps in the soul

    And fear makes my hopes look so grim

    The past is the past, and so it should be

    And still like a specter it creeps

    Fingers point with judgmental tones

    While deep in my heart my dream sleeps

    It slumbers in fits and wakes with a start

    Lonely in its self imposed cell

    It waits for the moment when loves comes to call

    It longs for the sound of the bell

    To awaken the dream would be such a joy

    Yet again and again itís denied

    Reaching out in the dark, the immutable mist

    For something it simply canít find

    My nerves are raw and the edges are frayed

    When desire lies naked in sight

    Every touch is a fire that burns like the sun

    Every word that lends hope a delight

    Can I be seen through the veil of the past?

    Where mistakes should lie buried so deep

    Or do you see me through a distorted glass

    Am I climbing a hill thatís too steep?

    Fear saps the confidence, fear chills the heart

    I must engage the insensitive foe

    Battle and bleed, and never give up

    I am worth the fight, and each blow

    My dream is a treasure and one I would share

    With those with the wit but to see

    That loyalty and love are the prizes to gain

    If you just come and set my dream free.

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    Radish so red
    Radish so red
    Plucked from the heart of your warm little bed
    Sprinkle some salt on the top of your head
    [eats radish]

    ~ Sir Giles

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    In my own demented world
    There once was a guy from Peru
    who fell asleep in a canoe
    He was dreaming of Venus
    and pulled out his.........................Oops, sorry. Forgot this was a family show

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