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    Laguna Beach Land Slide

    ORDDU: Greetings to all the wonderful MiceAge ducklings, who so often show themselves to be caring and concerned little goslings. My sisters and I were quite concerned, after conjuring up the scene of the recent Laguna Beach land slide and wondered if anyone, here, has been affected by the tragedy.

    ORWEN: Or if anyone on MiceAge merely knows someone who was in harm's way. Such a terrible scene makes a witch wonder why anyone would dare to live in a house on the side of a hill--after all the past experiences we've heard about.

    ORDDU: Years ago, your Cauldron girls had the pleasure of visiting Laguna Beach and thought it to be a most enchanting place to shop. We can only hope and pray that things will eventually return to some sort of 'normalicy'. In the meantime...what a dreadful experience it has been for those who became homeless in the blink of an eye...

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    I work in Laguna Hills, Just about 10 minutes from where the landslides happened! I was watching the tv all morning to see what was going on! I feel sorry for the people who lost their home!

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