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    The banning of SilentBob66

    Hey everyone. On one of my recent visits to the Litter Box, I ran over the first few pages of the post, and the very last. So SilentBob66 has this massive run-up of bad rep, and is banned. Can someone tell me what was so awful that qualified SilentBob66 for banning, because I am too tired to read the entire post .

    At the current moment, from what I have read, SilentBob66 was simply stating his opinion on someone (a MOD!) 's action, and if that was what he was banned for I think the ban should be lifted. But it probably wasn't, I am not going to jump to conclusions because I haven't read the entire post. Anyone care to explain? Cheers.

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    I make it a habit to NOT ask why someone was sent to the principal's office.'s been a long time.

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    This thread is bound to be closed, but what I was wondering is: Was he banned by a moderator or by bad rep? Not trying to stir things up, just wondering how it all works.

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    The thing is, even if he were ragging on a moderator, well, they are still a member. The mods here have it pretty easy due to the members but when they do step in, it is usually fair. God knows, the mods and admins can make or break a board.
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    Yuck. I just read that entire thread and now I need to take a shower.
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    he was banned before racking up massive rep, but I am pretty certain it was because he said he could accuse the site of trafficking child pornography. Even though he said it wasn;t a threat, if you called the White House and said you could kill the President, you would be taken seriously. Trying to argue that "could" is different than "would" is pretty assanine if you ask me, especially about something that would be taken very seriously by law enforcement if he were to go through with his threats.

    Also, his threat had nothing to do with the conversation at hand- why bring something like that up? If you have a problem with the actions of a moderator, threatening them with libel is not that way to handle it. The fact that he came back and used a sock puppet after he was banned tells me is is not someone we want in our community and it is up to the mods and administrators to protect the site and the members. I suggest that next time you have a question about a member, just ask an administrator, they are usually more than happy to answer these questions via PM.
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    I'm going to answer you question, and then close this thread.

    One quote in particular stands out in our decision:

    Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob66
    Al and Kevin aren't Disney, and if I were to sue, it's doubtful they'd be able to hire such expensive legal assistance. Would you like that? A lawsuit? I can charge racial harassment, smear the name of MiceAge entirely, all it takes is some phone calls to the TV media until I get what I want. I mean, I can get this site shut down if I want. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that.
    Note that he also had several Sock-Puppets banned.

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