Now, I know very well that I am doing this a little early for father's day, but I just wanted to tell everybody what an awesome guy my stepdad is. I love this man every bit as much as I love my own father. He really just rocks out loud.

My stepdad is the only man in the house with my mom, me, my sister, and my daughter. He loves us so much. He works not 1 but 2 full time jobs to keep us in our nice house with our nice new cars and just generally keep us all happy. He just bought a boat because he feels we don't spend enough time together having fun as a family. Over the last 16 years he has sacrificed so much to keep all us girls happy, and with the approach of father's day, I am just amazed at how much I've come to love him over the years.

So hey, let's hear it for our dads!