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    Re: You know you might be a Disney fan...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tool View Post
    ...when you have Mickey tattooed on your body.
    ....When you have Disney characters tattooed all over your body .

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    Re: You know you might be a Disney fan...

    When your room is Disneyfied
    how about when your daughter's room is Disneyified (handpainted Cinderella castle, cars, princesses, goofy, Mickey all on the walls)

    and when your grown up bathroom is Mickey?

    How about when you velcro your Disney antenna ball to the INSIDE of your car so no one can steal it, and you have one for every holiday and several random ones that you constantly rotate through.
    I have already decided that I will buy a new one on our next trip, drill a hole through the top...thread a ribbon through the hole, a knot in the bottom (where the antennea goes), and tie it onto my rear view mirror. Two Mickey heads....ahahahahahaha

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