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    Where to get a cheap haircut?

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. My hair is about shoulder length and I have extremly bad split ends. I just need a trim and don't even let them shampoo or dry my hair (very sensitive scalp) I am looking for something $10 and under.

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    Re: Where to get a cheap haircut?

    I don't know what their prices are, but do you have a Great Clips nearby? I think they're about as cheap as haircuts get, besides getting a friend to trim your split ends.
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    Re: Where to get a cheap haircut?

    I go to SuperCuts when I need a trim, but they are $12. It's a nice environment there and the women who work at the shop near me are great. Maybe you should give them a try.

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    Re: Where to get a cheap haircut?

    Yeah, i'd go to SuperCuts or great clips. They are always cheap and do a reasonable job.
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