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    How will you be celebrating Father's Day?

    Since Father's Day is next week (June 19, 2005), I thought it would be nice to honour the father's or father figures in our lives.

    My dad is 73 years old and stays active through exercise and gardening. We almost lost him to a stroke a few years back but he made a full recovery which we thank the lord for each and every day. You don't realize what you have until it's almost taken away from you.

    He is a great dad with a great sense of humour (which I inherited ). The sacrifices that he and my mom made for the family will never be forgotten by myself or by my siblings. He was and is always supportive of things that his children and grandchildren do.

    I am trying to talk him into taking a trip to Disneyland for the first time but he has reservations due to his mobility. There are days where walking is very painful for him (arthritis) but he still makes the effort to get out of bed every day.

    For this Father's Day, my brother-in law will be taking him fishing with the grandsons and then the family will be taking him out to dinner afterwards. I hope to one day find a man who is kind and gentle like my father. Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there.
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