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    New postage stamp

    The post office is going to be releasing some stamps in September 2007 that is going to commemorate the desegregation of Orange County schools in 1946. My dad's uncle, Lorenzo Ramirez, sued the El Modena school district after his kids along with other Hispanic children were denied admission to school with Anglo children. His case along with three others of the same nature went to court in the case of Mendez vs. Westminister School District. It was ruled that Hispanic children and Anglo children could attend school together. The Brown vs. Board of Education case came later in 1954.

    The LA Times ran an article that appeared on Sunday about the stamps and interviewed my dad's cousin about how his father was able to change Orange County schools around for future children. They also had a ceremony at Chapman University for the unveiling of the stamps.

    I wasn't able to find the full article on the LA Times website but I found a small blurb

    All four districts were named in the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of 5,000 Latino children in Orange County. The 1946 ruling by Los Angeles U.S. District Court Judge Paul J. McCormick desegregating the schools affected only Latino children, but it led to the statewide dismantling of school segregation laws applying to other ethnic groups.

    On Saturday, Ramirez recounted his father's role in the lawsuit that, he said, was as much about overcoming bigotry as about changing the law. Lorenzo Ramirez sued, the son said, so that he and his brothers, Ignacio and Silvino, could attend school with Anglo children in El Modena, which had two elementary schools, one for whites and the other for Latinos.
    The page where I got this from is here

    My dad is proud of his uncle and is going to be buying the stamps when they come out.

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    Re: New postage stamp

    This is an awesome story. Thanks for posting it.

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    Re: New postage stamp

    I've never heard that story before. It's a bit obscure compared to most postage stamp stories. Perhaps it is worthy of more attention, and this will do it.
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