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    Cool They make toothbrushs that play Hannah Montana

    So I was walking thru Wal-Mart tonight about an hour ago, when I see an end cap with siniging tootbrushes, I saw the HM one and immediately thought of Barfy, but it made me laff, its a toothbrush that plays 2 minutes of "Best of Both Worlds" what will they think of next.
    And sorry I didn't see the price

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    Re: They make toothbrushs that play Hannah Montana

    Soft or firm bristles???


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    Re: They make toothbrushs that play Hannah Montana

    How long do teh batteries last and are they replaceable?

    But please, seriously who would do that. Wouldnt you be singing to your toothbrush as a microphone more than brushing your teeth?
    Good idea to keep childern brushing their teeth for 2 minutes but, it is just going to make them sing.

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    Re: They make toothbrushs that play Hannah Montana

    I believe they only play while you're brushing.
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    Re: They make toothbrushs that play Hannah Montana

    ^ Correct. The music is only heard in your head when the bristles touch your teeth. Anyone standing next you cannot really hear a thing.
    The batteries and bristles are not replaceable. For safety reasons the batteries are sealed into the brush.

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