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    Spreading a little Disney cheer with (of all things), my keychain!

    Today my husband and I went in to Subaru to buy a new car. (We ended up with a bright red Forrester. Love it!) While we were discussing a trade in, the service department was just about to start on our emission test. The used car salesman offered us a few dollars for our old Legecy stationwagon so we had the service department stop our emissions test. (Why pay for a test when the car is no longer yours?) The office manager returned my keychain, gushing on how cute it was. It is a little pink purse (1 inch by 1 inch or so), covered in pink crystals and has a tiny silver Mickey head in the middle. I bought it at WDW on our last trip. Usually I am not so girlie girlie, but this keychain was so cute. She then had to tell me about the mug and pen a friend brought back for her from WDW. We had to say how much we love Disney and the parks. We talked for about five minutes. You had to be there. It was so funny how a small keychain can open up a conversation and bring back fond memories. My husband later said to me, "See how Disney spreads joy wherever you go?" Amen!

    Just thought I would share a little story.

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    Re: Spreading a little Disney cheer with (of all things), my keychain!

    haha...cute. I get comments on my Alice purse.....No body ever notices my Stitch keychain

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    Re: Spreading a little Disney cheer with (of all things), my keychain!

    That's a cute story! Congrats on the new car too!

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    Re: Spreading a little Disney cheer with (of all things), my keychain!

    I bought a red and white polka dot wallet with Minnie on the front and every time I get it outvsomeone smiles and makes a comment about how cute it is.
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