I've always been told I got the worst qualities of each of my parents.

My mother is extremely temperamental, and used to be a drug addict for some time. She always loved us, but we were always aware of what she was doing, and sometimes our family went without because she'd blow all the money on drugs. She was married and divorced 3 times before getting herself together. She is now married to the man she will die with, but the damage was done. I grew up being terrified of being like that, and that is why I'm almost 30 and just now getting married.

My father is a serial bullsh*tter. He tells stories like you wouldn't believe. He is also remarkably narcissistic, everything is about him in some way shape or form. He's a very intelligent man, but he uses his powers for evil, not good. He also had a tendency to withhold affection as punsihment, which has resulted in a great abandonment complex that I still haven't gotten over yet. I'm convinced if I make someone unhappy, they will just leave me.