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    Pacific Coast Railroad Round-Up May 5-6

    A few weeks late, but I thought I would show you guys anyway. On the same weekend of the Fullerton Railroad Days, the Pacific Coast Railroad hosted its annual Round-Up event. This year was very successful, and historic. The had a very, uh, Disney guest that weekend. If you are interested in finding out, read the article on their blog at The article is very interesting and there are some great photos of the guest and his historic engine.

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    Re: Pacific Coast Railroad Round-Up May 5-6

    Overall, it's a nice article, although I take a bit of umbrage in calling the Marie E a "Disney" engine. It certainly isn't anything of the kind.

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    Re: Pacific Coast Railroad Round-Up May 5-6

    Well it was owned by Ollie and Lasseter. And didn't it once ride the rails at DL? I could be wrong about that last bit, but I seem to remember and early morning run of the Marie E on the DL tracks a while ago as a special event. But I understand your point.

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