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    Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    I can get wine bottles signed by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac tomorrow. There are individual bottles as well as a set. In the set each bottle is signed as well as the box.
    Please PM me for more information.

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    Re: Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    Fleetwood Mac is great! However, I don't think I'd be able to get the wine since I'm underage, and I probably wouldn't want it anyway! Thanks for the info though!

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    Re: Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    ooh, pm me with info, where to get it and price

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    Re: Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    Not interested in the nice collectibles, but I just wanted to chime in for being a big Fleetwood Mac fan. In the summer of 77 I was working in the Tahitian Terrace kitchen, and it seemed like a lot of what we heard on the radio were "Dreams" and the other tracks from "Rumours" - one of the great albums ever. Great memories, too.

    Have several of their others as well. And Stevie Nicks must have one of the sexiest singing voices ever.


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    Re: Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    Oh, my, yes, Stevie Nicks.... OMG.

    Enjoy the wine. And thank you for passing the offer to us.
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    Re: Any Fleetwood Mac Fans

    So many great hits from this group. I love them. It seems like a lot of celebrities get into wine making in some way.
    Fess Parker has a vineyard too.
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