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    Is area 51 visible on Google Earth?

    I am currently cut off from google earth, but can anyone confirm if area 51 is visible from it? Just wondering since they go to extreme precautions to prevent anyone from seeing it.

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    Re: Is area 51 visible on Google Earth?

    it's disguised as a park.

    seriously, I have no idea....but, good question

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    Re: Is area 51 visible on Google Earth?

    The area Groom Lake, alnog with the AFB, is certainly available on Windows Live Local- Virtual Earth. It is a rather clear picture as well but it is not anything that you can find on any Area 51 fan site.
    However, there is an altitude restricyion of 1 mile over the base itself and the bird's eye view option is obviously not available.

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    Re: Is area 51 visible on Google Earth?

    I believe Google themselves will give you to coordinates for Groom Lake.

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    Re: Is area 51 visible on Google Earth?

    Merry Christmas

    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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