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Thread: No Computer

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    Re: No Computer

    Boo and hiss

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    Re: No Computer

    Just to let you know, you are missed.

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    Re: No Computer

    Wow, sorry to hear about that. I freak out whenever my computer has a glitch, so I can just imagine.

    Can you post photos and access the web through your phone?

    Let this be a reminder to everyone to back up your data!

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    Re: No Computer

    wow, I am so sorry Lost boy this must be costing a fortune, maybe you can get a new cheap dell to get you back on line? Sending prayers to you as I know you must be very sad about this whole mess. Sneding hugs your way and prayers that they can fix it, or you can come up with some unexpected money to get a new on.

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    Re: No Computer

    Well the guy who built this computer has not been able to figure it out either. Power gets into the Mother Board but nothing at all happens. Not even the useual beep that you hear when you turn it on. Nothing. He said to call him over the weekend if my friend Danny could not figure it out. He couldn't so I called Russ and he said he had a computer he was not using and would bring it by Monday the 2nd. Never happened. Haven't heard anything from him at all. Came in here Tuesday to talk to him after my morning session on the office computer and found out he wasn't coming in till 9:30pm so that ended that. I am here at the office again hoping that he will be in today so I can find out what happened. If anything happens I will let you all know. So far it isn't costing me anything as the people who are the tech guys here and stuff are all doing it for nothing. It's just frustrating is all.
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