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    An Air Conditioner Repair Odyssey

    Sunday (June 17, 2007) I noticed the house was getting hot. Well, itís not supposed to get hot, thatís what air conditioners are for, to keep them cool. I checked the thermostat and it was set properly, but it was still 80 degrees in the house (bummer). I went outside to see if the compressor was running and it was running like gangbusters, but no cool air ($$$ to run the compressor, but no cool air). I listened to the air intake for the forced air unit and felt the vents and no cool air anywhere (bummer). I checked all I knew, checked circuit breakers outside and couldnít find anything wrong. Oh H-E double hockey sticks, an air conditioner problem, dollars out the window, hot, waiting for a repairman (usually takes 2 weeks to get one when you call during one of the first heat waves of the summer).

    I decided to look in the yellow pages to do some research and try to get ahead of the game, thought I would have to call Monday, but I found some had seven-day service, so maybe they had seven-day phone answering. I called George Brazil (a large company). I usually try to call local businesses as I feel I get better service, but I was so happy about getting an actual person to answer the phone and schedule a repair for Monday between 8AM and 1PM that I broke my own rules. I shouldnít have done that! Today, I got a call from George Brazil and they said they would be there in 30 minutes (it was 9:30 AM WOW, maybe this will be OK). Then at 10 AM up pulls a Mike Diamond truck. I found out that Gorge Brazil and Mike Diamond work together.

    Anyway the technician comes in, checks the thermostat, (hmm, the forced air unit doesnít come on). He proceeds to try to jump the control circuitry on the thermostat to try to get the FAU to run (hmm, maybe this guy is OK) then he says, well, I guess the thermostat is OK, the FAU doesnít run, maybe itís the FAU. He asks ďwhereís the FAU?Ē I show him the attic access. He goes up there for 10 to 15 minutes and comes down and says, ďwell, it must be a bad circuit board.Ē ďI canít get power to the motor.Ē He then tells me that they donít normally work on Lennox (he couldnít have told me that 30 minutes ago) and it is hard to get parts as Lennox doesnít like to sell to non-Lennox organizations, and it will take about 2 weeks to get the part and cost about $1400. BTW: THe add in the yellow pages says "all makes all models", guess it should say "except Lenox". Anyway he says heíll have to get one, put it in and see if thatís whatís wrong, but Iíll have to buy the $1400 part first.

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a little odd? Spend $1400 to ďSEEĒ if that is whatís wrong. He did suggest that I call a Lennox repair service though. But for that I paid $82.29. Oh, well.

    Well, I called a local service that advertises that they work on Lennox and they said that yes, they do repair Lennox and can get the parts delivery (if necessary) in a couple of days. They said they could come out this afternoon. Iíll see if they are any better than the George Brazil/Mike Diamond tag team.

    Well, the local folks came out. What a difference. The technician came to the same conclusion as the the George Brazil/Mike Diamond tag team, but his price was $1000 less and his price included the service call and labor. The George Brazil/Mike Diamond tag team did not include the service call or labor.

    Moral or the story, listen to your inner self (I should have) and if doesnít feel right donít do it. I didnít listen to my self when I called the George Brazil/Mike Diamond tag team instead of a local business. I did listen to myself when the price quoted seemed very, very high. My air conditioner was repaired by Wednesday morning and I can live and work in comfort.

    Sorry for the length of the post, I had to vent and I hope my story helps someone.


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    Re: An Air Conditioner Repair Odyssey

    Aren't you in the Valley? Wish I'd have known this, as my company owns an hvac company. Next time.

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    Re: An Air Conditioner Repair Odyssey

    I would also go on Yahoo! Local and other area Web Sites and post about your expirience, both with good guys AND the bad guys.
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