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    the ageless appeal of mickey mouse

    So when i sat my little 6 year old cousin to wacth a movie today i let him pick from a number of dvds in my dvd case... he flipped past the incredibles (his favorite) shrek, shrek 2, and eventually he decided to wacth my mickey mouse in living color DvD (yay ), i was amazed by his decision, he stayed up until 11 o clock last night wacthing, and then got up this morning and asked if he could finish it. i noticed that the majority of the time he was laughing, he was laughing and goofy and donald, he enjoyed the cartoons even thogh it was obviously not spongebob or power rangers. he just enjoyed these cartoons. the cartoons where it was just mickey and pluto he enjoyed because he really understood what was happening... i was overjoyed that he chose this DVD to wacth and was amazed that he enjoyed the cartoons as much as i did.

    i just thoght that might be a nice little story to tell you that many kids today still do understand and enjoy mickey mouse.

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    This is when cartoons were actually clever and great to watch! We just bought over the weekend the Classic Goofy cartoon DVD, with the best of the 'how to' videos like, "how to ski" and "how to fish". I still laughed out loud watching these, just as I did when I grew up watching these cartoons. How can one compare these great classic disney cartoons to today's cartoons like Sponge Bob and Yugioh? No comparison in my book.
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    I agree about the simple storylines. I think the emphasis on physical comedy and irony are also advantages over today's trading insults and destruction.

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    When I was in elementary school, we watched Jimminy Cricket teach us right from wrong. We were exposed to Disney early on and it lasts a long long time.

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