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    Baseball Trip Pictures! There are a lot of Pix!

    Whew! So I'm finally home! The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of planes and baseball games! There are tons of pictures so get ready!! The plan was to hit up Chicago, Detroit, NYC, and Boston, see a game in each city and just run around! It was great!

    June 26 Ada and I got on a plane and flew to Chicago! Once we landed we hopped in a taxi. Our cab driver was a! He kept on rambling on and on but when we'd ask a question, he'd never give us our answer! As we were on our way to the hotel we noticed that we were in for some bad weather! On the cab ride we did pass the fountain from "Married with Children." There was so much rain that the streets were starting to flood! We're talking about 3-4 inches of rain on the streets!

    We got settled into our room and went wandering around in the rain. We were definitely worried that our first baseball game of the trip was going to get rained out but it managed to stop just in time! Woohoo! Wrigley Field is great! Our seats were all the way up at the top and I mean all the way! We were up against the fence! haha! By the time that we got to our seats we were huffing and puffing from the physical exertion! Ada and I decided that we were going to do a self portrait thing on our trip. So we have the same pose everywhere! You know, the one where you turn your camera around and take a picture of yourself and hope that your head fit in it!

    Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark and they still have an old school score board. I thought it was cute! I also enjoyed the fact that there are bleachers on the tops of nearby buildings! hehe!

    Here are more pictures from Wrigley

    June 27 We had tickets to go see Wicked that evening so we decided to do a little wandering before hand. We were staying in Lincoln Park and it was a great community! Shortly after we began our walk, it started to pour again! We hopped on a bus and went towards the Magnificent Mile. We didn't do any shopping there because of the rain but eventually got off the bus near the theater.

    We still had a lot of time before the show so we wandered a little more but by this time it was only sprinkling a little. We found shelter in a nearby building and saw.....the Simpson family! Of course we had to take a picture!

    We had dinner nearby and headed over to the theater. Here is the marquis and the dragon.

    The show was good. The two lead roles were done by understudies and they were both pretty good. It was hard for me not to sing along.

    We ended the night playing a long game of truth or truth! haha! We were giggling for hours!

    June 28 We were up super early in the morning to catch our flight to Detroit! There are no pictures from this day, sorry! My friend Jeff picked us up from the airport and took us back to his house. then we headed out toward U of M and went to this bar called Ashley's. We ate and drank and then wandered around campus and met up with my cousin Andy. We wandered some more. U of M is so nice looking! I love historical looking buildings and U of M had tons! We headed back to Jeff's and took a nap! Jeff cooked dinner for us and we ran around his backyard catching fireflies. I've never seen a real one (I've only seen the ones at Dland on the Pirates of the Carribean, hehe) before so that was pretty cool!

    June 29 WE woke up very well rested and headed out for a long day! First was the Bodies Exhibit. That's the science exhibit where they have bodies that were donated to science on display. They do this thing called plastination where they inject a chemical into the body that basically turns all the tissue into plastic. It was insane to see all the organs and muscles and nerves and stuff. It was really interesting....a bit creepy but interesting. If you're not too squeamish I'd recommend it.

    Right as we left the building we immediately began talking about food! haha! We headed to the Hard Rock Cafe and then to the Tigers' Game at Comerica Park. Comerica is relatively new and is really nice!

    Our seats were a little better here... we were a whole row in front of the fence! Woohoo! Moving on up! At least we weren't at the very top...we were one step away though! haha! We went a little picture crazy here.

    Ada and me
    Me and Jeff

    Here are the silly pictures...for some reason we couldn't get one picture where we were all looking normal so we gave up! haha!

    Nick, Ada, Me and Jeff

    Ada, Jeff and Me

    Let's go back to the one of all four of us

    Next to Nick is this guy in green. His name was Will and he was from Wisconsin. He was hilarious! he was in town with his friend and they were drinking a lot! He offered to buy everyone around us beer! how nice! then he went down to go get shots. he got one for him and one for his friend at $15 each! As he passed a shot to his friend he dropped his! $15 down the drain! They were soooo nice though! They bought cotton candy for the kids sitting around us too!

    After the game we went to Nick and Eric's place to hang out. It was a hilarious night! There were a lot of pictures taken that will not be posted here....hehe! We also got some Whitecastle and that was Ada's first time for that. Even Murph the dog got in on it!

    June 30 After that crazy night we were pretty sluggish the next day...We slept in and then went out for lunch with cousin Dave. Later on we went on a pontoon with Jeff's dad and his friend. It was so peaceful out on Belleville Lake. The houses there are amazing! We rested up some more and got ready for a night out on the town!

    First we headed over to Tequila Rain but it was shut down for serving minors! Boo! We met up with Erik and headed to 5th Ave. It was a pretty cool place and we had a great time! Nick met us there later.

    July 1 We were back at the airport and headed to NYC! We had a layover in Chicago and somewhere along the luggage was lost! DAMNIT! I was sooo pissed I wanted to cry. The taxi ride was insane and it was $45!!! Crazy! We got to the hotel and immediately started to wander. We stayed at the Ameritania on 54th and Broadway! It was an amazing location. We were right next to the Ed Sullivan theater where David Letterman tapes. It was right in the theater district and near Times Square!

    I called the airline to see about my luggage and they told me that they had found my luggage on the plane in the next city and had forwarded it to NYC. The plane that my stuff was on had just landed. So I asked them when I would get my stuff. They told me that it would take at least 24 hours to scan in my bag and then another 24 hours to get it delivered to me! ARG! I asked about getting reimbursed and they said that I wouldn't get anything! WTH?!? So then I asked if I could go down there and get it myself. They said that I should wait until they had scanned in my bag and then go get it. Unfortunately, they were about 2000 bags behind in scanning them in and that they didn't know when they would get to my bag! WTF?!? They said to call back in a day. I was pissed!

    July 2 Scottie had arrived very early that morning so we met up and started wandering some more.

    Let me tell you....subways are amazing! It was great to be able to hop on and get anywhere we wanted to go for $2! Those that have to deal with subways everyday are probably sick of them but for was great! Here's a pic of Ada and I on the subway. We took it all over Manhattan and did some shopping for me because of my lack of stuff.

    Later we changed and got ready for the Yankees game. On our way down the elevator we met this guy named Serna. He was soooo cute! and he is from Melbourne, Australia so he had that kick *** accent! Woohoo! He was headed to the game too so he walked with us. He was supposed to meet up with his friend Anne at will call so we waited with him until she got there. I didn't get a picture...damn.... Our seats were a little better. We were out on the bleachers but we weren't all the way on the top!

    July 3 Since the airline lost my luggage I had been calling them every few hours to see what was going on and i was sooooo frustrated at this point. So I was on the phone with this girl that wouldn't give me any answers. She basically said that my stuff was probably at the airline luggage room but they couldn't give me a for sure yes or no until it was scanned in and they were still really far behind in that! ARG! I got so mad that I asked for a supervisor and she told me that they couldn't say that my bag was there but there was no reason that it wouldn't be there so I should just go to the airport myself and demand that they let me look for my bag myself. I talked to the people at the front desk of the hotel and they told me how to get to the airport by subway and I headed out. I got to the airport and they let me and this other guy in. We went into the first room and walked around and it....wasn't there....i wanted to cry....We went into another room and it....wasn't eyes were welling up. Room number 3....nothing....I was sniffing back the tears. Room this point my chin was trembling which is a sure sign that I'm going to start bawling. The guy said there was one last room and....there it was!!! Now I wanted to cry tears of joy! I got my stuff and headed back to Manhattan. by subway it's only $7 to get to the airport and $7 back. Sure beats the $45 each way for a cab and $21 for the airport shuttle bus!

    I got back to the hotel overjoyed and took a shower and put on my own clothes! YEAY! Scottie headed over and we hopped on a subway to go to the Staten Island Ferry.

    The docks reminded me of a scene from "Newsies" and I had to take a picture. I love that movie!

    We took pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from there.

    After the ferry ride we wandered around the area and saw the Vietnam War Memorial. It was really is engraved with letters that were written to and from soldiers from the war. Some of the letters also showed the day that the soldier died.

    We were pretty hungry so we started looking for food. As we walked around I saw a bunch of umbrellas and we headed toward them. As we got closer we saw more and more umbrellas! It was amazing! There was this little cobblestone alley between a bunch of business buildings and restaurants. All the restaurants had pulled out tables into the alley and were serving people there. It was sooo good! The food was great and and then we had a shot....Absolut...yeuck!!

    Next we went to WTC and it was whole place....just wow....there are no pictures. we headed back to Manhattan and walked to Radio City Music Hall. Ada was tired so she went back to the hotel while I wandered some more. I managed to find Rockerfeller Center by accident and the NBC studios right nearby. I also saw Dean and Deluca's and it reminded me of "Felicity" so I took a picture!

    July 4 We were up early and headed to the airport for our day in Boston. I love Jet Blue!! Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark and it was really cool. We were up against a wall but not all the way at the back. We were on the bleachers and it sucked that I was boxed in but oh well...

    Since it was the 4th of July everything was very patriotic and they even covered the big green with the flag for a little while.

    After the game we went to the Freedom Trail. It had started to sprinkle again so we didn't get to go to many historical places but it was still cool. Then we had to head back to the airport for our trip back to NYC. Again....Jet Blue! Love it!

    July 5 Our last day....Ada was tired so I wandered around by myself for a while. Central Park was really close by so I walked over there. It was really gorgeous there and I even ran into a YMCA day camp from NYC! how cool is it that they take their kids to Central Park to play baseball! For some reason I love bridges....hehe. I also love that Central Park is in the middle of the city and you can see the skyscrapers from the park.

    I met up Ada for some lunch and then she headed back to the hotel while I wandered some more. I went to a lot of the theaters that were playing Broadway shows. In the Wicked theater was the Time Clock Dragon!

    I wandered around for a few more hours and then met up with Ada for dinner. Later we went for some icecream and managed to run into some Broadway performers. We saw two of the "dads" from Mammia Mia at the backstage exit for that theater and then I saw Alexa Vega walking down the street. She was in "Spy Kids" and is now playing Penny in "Hairspray" on Broadway.

    July 6 We were up super early and took a cab to New Jersey for our last flight of the trip. We got home at around noon and it felt damn good to be back in Orange County! Even if it was just for a day....
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    Re: Baseball Trip Pictures! There are a lot of Pix!

    Now that's a vacation!

    Thanks for posting it!


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    Re: Baseball Trip Pictures! There are a lot of Pix!

    Wow, Im totally jealous of your entire trip! Thanks for sharing!
    "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. "Groucho Marx

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    Re: Baseball Trip Pictures! There are a lot of Pix!

    I've always wanted to do a trip like this. I'd LOVE to go see all of the baseball parks around the country.

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    Re: Baseball Trip Pictures! There are a lot of Pix!

    Looks like such a great trip!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Too bad you couldn't have spent more time in Boston, 4th of July is a great time to be here.

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