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    Favorite Disney Souvenir I'm new. I've seen threads with what people have that's old, what people would get if they had unlimited money etc...I'm sure it's been tackled before (I didn't find it), but what is THE Disney souvenir you actually still have. New/old, expensive cheap,small/large. What brings back the memories everytime you see it? The epitome of Disney in your eyes? Because I'm an animation fan, mine is a Disney artist drawing me my favorite character Sebastian at MGM (soon to be formerly MGM). Not only is it cool that I have personalized Disney art from a Disney artist, but because it's hanging in a well traveled spot, I am reminded daily of that trip in 2001 like it was yesterday and it just makes me smile. Any bites on this topic? I'd love to hear the stories of how you acquired it.
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    Re: Favorite Disney Souvenir

    Its not my first but I really love the 50th mickey at disneyland retro big figure. It brings back so much nostaligia.

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    Re: Favorite Disney Souvenir

    I have my Mickey Ears (somewhere) from my first trip in 1973. I also got a gold colored metal keychain. From 1976 I have a stuffed Mickey that my (then) fiance got me. Its now carefully packed away but of course it has special memories.

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