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    STS - 118 Comes to an Early End

    The Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to land at the KSC SLF at 12:32 this afternoon for it's first landing attempt. STS - 118 will terminate 1 day ahead of scheduled as Hurricane Dean posed a threat to Houston.

    A second landing opportunity is available at 2:06 this afternoon should controllers decide to scrub the first opportunity. Edwards AFB is not expected to be used.

    The orbiter's first opportunity will be at orbit 201 bringing the craft across Central America, over central Cuba, and will make a loop for a southbound landing at the SLF.
    You may be able to see the orbiter if you are in the Miami area.

    The second opportunity will take the crew over Central America, The Gulf of Mexico, and across the St. Petersburg area. It will make a loop for a southbound landing as well.
    There is a good chance to see the orbiter in the St. Petersburg area.

    (I would have posted the runway coordinates but they escape me at the moment.)

    Endeavour will land on runway 15 in 22 minutes.
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    Re: STS - 118 Comes to an Early End

    I totally scared the crud out of me. The two re-entry sonic booms were loud enough to shake the house. Fortunately I figured out what it was pretty quickly and we watched the landing on tv.

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