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    Re: A walk in the rain forest

    I love Hawaii and want to go there again. Your photos were so enjoyable! I love the water fall and the Gecko!

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    Re: A walk in the rain forest

    More Hawaii:

    Day one......

    We spent the day flying , getting the rental car and getting moved into our timeshare. They had a happy hour every afternoon from 4-6 with free drinks and snacks so we went to it a few times.

    And had to get lei'd of course

    Then we watched our first sunset from the beach

    And went swimming in the pool

    Day two was very very windy and we were tired from traveling so we spent the day hangimng out in a cabana on the beach, eating snacks from the snack bar and watched the sunset from our balcony

    Day three, we got up at 3 am to make the drive up to Haleakala for the sunrise. It's at 10, 000 feet and almost always really cold so sweatshirts , long pants, socks , sneakers and blankets are a must!

    But it's so awesome and surreal up there!

    We could see the big island in the distance.

    This always makes me think of what it must be like to be on the moon.

    Or on Mars

    So of course we act like Martian critters

    Or Martian sweethearts

    It's fun ti hike around up there

    And the drive back down at daybreak is pretty spectacular too

    Day four...I can't even remember what we did, but day five we went to Lanaii. We passed this huge cruise ship on the way

    We were riding on oe of those banana boat type rafts and it was fast and fun. At first I sat up here and the girls joined me.

    Then we moved won to where Ken was and on the way a huge wave washed over was hilarious

    We saw turtles and dolphins along the cool!

    And we got out to snorkel. Then we got dropped off at the island where we could eat lunch , snorkel and explore. Ken and I went up to the Four Seasons hotel bar and had pineapple margaritas and shots of patron

    Then I got a little frisly with the Tiki statue

    Back in Laheaina, I paid one of the local kids a dollar so I could take pictures with his geckos

    And let one hang off my ear!

    But then it wouldn't get off!

    The sunset that night was pretty too

    This is the view from in front of our room

    And this is the view from the front of the resort

    And in the lobby

    And out by the entrance from the street

    The next day we got up at the crack of dawn to go to Molokini

    We got talked into renting wet suits even though we really didn't need them...the water was fine. There were hardly any fish to see because of so many people. But we went to Turtle Town also and saw lots of turtles and a ray there.

    Courtney felt so inspired that she got this tattoo on her back

    The next day we went mini golfing at one of the hardest golf courses we've ever played. I was smiling at first but by the end I was pretty frustrated because it was so windy and hard to play.

    But then we went on the bumper bats afterward and got totally drenched and that was a blast!

    Later that afternoon we went on a really fun sunset cocktail and appetizer cruise that left from Whaler's Village

    Here's a view of our timeshare from the water

    It was gorgeous that night...lots of rainbows

    It looked like we were gonna sail out on the open ocean

    There was anopther boat out there just like the one we were on

    And the sunset was so pretty

    The last night on the west side of Maui , we went to a luau at the Hyatt. The drinks were awful but the food was great!

    Especially the pig!

    And the dancing was pretty good

    But also a little corny at times

    But a good time was had by all

    And going to Hana last was a great way to end the trip!

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    Re: A walk in the rain forest

    What great pictures! Looks like a fun trip!

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    Re: A walk in the rain forest

    Fantastic trip pics PB!

    It wasn't me, it was Lisa!

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    Re: A walk in the rain forest

    Oh my gosh, that's all just so gorgeous and beautiful, Anne!!

    Great photos, and your girls are getting so grown up and pretty....and you and Westley look good too!!

    Thank you for sharing!

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