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    "Remain Seated Please"

    I was wondering if anybody could find the Matterhorn or any audio which says "Remain Seated Please, Permanacer sentados, por favor"

    I cant find it anywhere!!! Thank you

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    Re: "Remain Seated Please"

    It's on the "Musical History of Disneyland" isn't it? I bought the 6 CD set and I believe that's on there.
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    Re: "Remain Seated Please"

    Its also on the beginning of "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt
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    Re: "Remain Seated Please"

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    Re: "Remain Seated Please"

    I have it set on my cell phone for when I get a message. It's fun to have it go off in a meeting. When they ask what that was, I tell them what it is and almost everytime they say "Oh from Disneyland."
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