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    Any Ok people out there?

    Well, we just got news that there is a REALLY good chance that my husband will be stationed in Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. It's not 100% definate yet, but, pretty close. So, here's the problem.....I know NOTHING about Ok. I have lived in the south practically all my life.....and so has hubby. Are there any Micechatters out there who live in or are from Ok? Anything you can tell me about the area? The cost of living? Housing? Preschools or school systems in general??? Any help, tips, or information is VERY much appreciated. Thanks you guys!!!! Love, and God's blessings.....SP.

    Ps. for those who do....please mention us in your prayers. If Ok goes through, hubby will be in a combat unit...the move would be alot easier to handle if it wasn't for this fact. And moving away from family will be REALLY hard on the little one. Thanks.

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    Re: Any Ok people out there?

    I don't know anything about OK, and don't know anyone there.

    But good luck, all the same.
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    Re: Any Ok people out there?

    It's flat.

    That's pretty much all I know about it (drove through when I moved from Dallas)

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    Lets just say the only place in california that celebrates BEANS!

    Re: Any Ok people out there?

    I am not from there but to get a good view on what home prices are like you should try

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    Re: Any Ok people out there?

    I'm okay, how are you?

    I've never been there, but I wish you the best of luck with your move.
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