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    Re: For all you Coca Cola lovers our there

    The video maker should work for the Bush administration. There's so much misdirection and distortion in that video that it's pathetic. Anyone who has reduced a sauce knows that all you're doing is boiling off the water. If Coke was only sugar and water, then yeah, he'd have something, but it isn't and neither is all the black stuff left in the pot at the video's end. Also, there are many different types of sugar and while the white table sugar in the glass at the end makes a compelling visual statement, that is hardly a fair representation of the actual sugar in a Coke, which would take up far less volume in reality. Does Coke have a ton of sugar in it? Of course, but not nearly as shocking an amount as this video would have us believe. All in all, I call a big BS.

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    Re: For all you Coca Cola lovers our there

    I just noticed another highly suspect aspect of this video after getting the whole thing to play. The video claims there are 45g of sugar in a 12oz can of Coca-Cola. One gallon of Coca-Cola syrup only has about 2400g of sugar.

    1 gal syrup = 1024oz of Coca-Cola
    So with 1024oz of Coca-Cola divided into 12oz portions we have 85.3 portions
    2400/85.3 = 28.125

    So a can of Coca-Cola has about 28.125g of sugar for every 12oz. Not quite the 45g claimed in the video.

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