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    Tapping the Knowledge Base

    I am starting to research colleges and funding options for the eldest in earnest-

    He wants to be a chef-so college info focusing on the culinary arts. He also would like a business degree.....

    So far ordered info from Johnson & Wales and the Art Institue of CO-

    Now I am going to start pulling in info for funding, scholarships, etc etc....

    Does anyone have any guidance to good places to look into?

    I'll check out just about anything thanks!

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    Re: Tapping the Knowledge Base

    Johnson & Wales is SUCH a beautiful campus!! I almost went there, but opted to stay in California. My best advice is to apply him for AS MANY SCHOLARSHIPS as you can... there is so much money out there that goes unused because students think they won't be chosen, but if you apply for enough you'll run into some money and that REALLY helps.
    <3 Chloe

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