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    Angry Gosh Darn Phone Company!!!!

    My DSL service has been out now for a couple weeks and there is still no end in sight yet! I am waiting on a new modem so I hope that I can return soon! (I am using the internet in a hospital waiting room right now while a friend visits her mom!)

    I just wanted to say HI and that I miss you guys!! I am so sad I am missing all the hype and excitement surrounding today (the 17th). I hope you all that got to enjoy the park today had fun and I can't wait until I can sit and read about everything that went on in the park!

    I have gotten a few PM's and sorry I haven't responded to you guys- I will as soon as I get my modem!

    Love you Guys!!!!

    TinkPink (Stacy)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Gosh Darn Phone Company!!!!

    Do you have SBC DSL? When I had modem problems, they would have a new one within a couple of days for me. Get on the phone, and let 'em have it! That might get you better service. It works for me.

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    Re: Gosh Darn Phone Company!!!!

    I love you Stacy- come home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Gosh Darn Phone Company!!!!

    We miss you, TinkPink! Hurry back!
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