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    Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    Some photos taken during our trip up to the Walmart at the Foothill Ranch center a couple hours ago:

    Driving up El Toro to Portola

    I think I was on Portola by the time I got this one:

    They were using the Walmart parking lot as a storage/staging area (and though I didn't get pics, the firemen were at the In-n-Out there, getting their first break/meal in about 24 hours)

    Fire was more apparent by the time we were coming out of Walmart:

    You can see how the flames had flared up first on the right (above), but then that died a bit and they flared up on the left instead (below)

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    Re: Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    Your pictures and video make it way too real. Please stay safe. I hope and pray for some kind of break in the weather to help the firemen get a handle on all of these fires. Arizona and New Mexico started sending in fire crews yesterday.

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    Re: Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    It's S. California is on fire season. Those pics are scary. I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and the smoke from the Arrowhead fire is pretty bad here. But we are having alot of toppled over semi's.

    Those firefighters...they are just the most courageous people ever created! They put their all into saving families lives and homes. I just can't say enough about them.
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    Re: Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    Thank you for the pictures - it does make it all the more real. Stay safe.

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    Re: Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    Thanks for the pics, I can't believe how many areas are on fire right now.

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    Re: Pictures and video of Santiago (Irvine) fire near Lake Forest

    Man those pictures remind me of the year i moved from Santa Clarita. There was a fire about 1000 yards away from my house up the hill, it was scary stuff, I could walk to it in about 3 minutes
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