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Thread: Bumming it.

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    Bumming it.

    I just thought I would post to get it out of my system. I am totally bummed today because my Niece and Nephew, two of the coolest people in the world, are headed back home to Georgia today. They were here since the 13th and we had an AMAZING time. We camped out for the 50th getting there at 2 am (light blue wristband). They were there with me for my first Mice chat meet. Rode the new Space Mountain three times. We caught the King Tut exhibit in LA. Went to see Murderball in Pasadena. Ate Thai. Went to Castle Park. Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But with all good things this too had to end. It's just a bummer anyway. Let's all wish them a safe journey home.

    I may be going to Orlando with them in October. By then I should be able to pony up enough money for a camera so's I can post pics and a trip report. But until then I will see you guys at our second home, Disneyland.
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    Re: Bumming it.

    aww sounds fun. i love it when i get to fly out and see my family

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    It's fall, ya'll!

    Re: Bumming it.

    I wish my three kids had an aunt or uncle as cool as you!!! My sister and her new husband and my husband's brother and wife have never taken an interest in their only three nieces, much less taken them anywhere.

    They're lucky to have you!!

    When we have nieces or nephews someday, we'll be alllllll over them!!! I can't wait to be an auntie!!

    You are sweet!!!


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