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    Grocery Thanksgiving ads

    Well here we are on the holidays ahhh.

    Are there any grocerys out there with good deals for prices for the thanksgiving ads? Ours are starting tomorrow yikes the crowds will be there. Usually wednesdays is the slowest but that won't be anymore its going to be very busy.

    Let the rush begin. oh yeah the parking lots will be difficult to park or find.

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    Re: Grocery Thanksgiving ads

    With only 3 super markets up here (Running Springs, Crestline, Blue Jay, Arrowhead...I am counting the real super markets not the little corner shops), the busy days were like 2 weeks ago after everyone emptied their fridges. I am thinking a lot of people are going down the hill for Thanksgiving...

    Hey Rex you work for Staters right? Any good deals on raw sweet potatos? I have to make 20lbs of latkes for a write in and then appetizers for Thanksgiving (I am going to make sweet potato latkes half baked, half pan fried with sugar free applesauce and curried sour cream). Kinda' want the best deal ever on sweet potatos.

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    Re: Grocery Thanksgiving ads

    Hmnn.. I know Vons was having this deal where if you spend $25 you can get your Turkey for 60 cents a lb or something like that... We've already got all of our Thanksgiving foods though... we planned ahead.
    <3 Chloe

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