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    The 4th is OVER already!!!

    I have serious sleeping issues, so it bugs me when I manage to make it to bed at a decent time only to jump up 15 mins later wondering why my backyard is lit up.

    Someone is setting off illegal fireworks in my general vacinity. They are close enough to mimmic the sights and sounds of a bombing raid. It scared the snot out of me! Of course as soon as whoever was doing it made sure I was completly awake they stopped.

    Even though I don't approve of the illegal fireworks I know they go hand-in-hand with the 4th celebrations. It is July 23!!! Enough already!!

    *rant over*

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    Re: The 4th is OVER already!!!

    :helping mousey girl wipe the snot off her face and pillow: i feel your pain. we have had to deal with it every night for 3 weeks. makes me friggin crazy!!!
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    please be afraid.


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