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    My dream came true

    Iv'e always wanted one of my posts to make it onto the weekly round-up on Miceage. Well, I was looking at the round-up earlier today and guess what..... the topic I posted about the big disneyland sign was one of the topics they picked!! I'm so frickin excited right now. Thanks to all who posted and discussed the topic. Your the reason why it made it to Miceage.... I'm so frickin happy right now.

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    Re: My dream came true

    That's cool! Yeah, that's happened to me in the past too - and it was cool. Doesn't happen to me all that often - actually, never, anymore......course I rarely start any threads that could be why....I have some other theories too, but anyway......

    RIGHT ON to you!

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    Re: My dream came true

    When MiceAge has a litter box Round-up, I'm there!!


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