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    The 12 Days of Christmas

    Most everyone knows the original lyrics to
    "The 12 Days of Christmas":

    A Partridge in a Pear Tree
    2 Turtle Doves
    3 French Hens
    4 Calling Birds
    5 Golden Rings
    6 Geese A-Laying
    7 Swans A-Swimming
    8 Maids A-Millking
    9 Ladies Dancing
    10 Lords A-Leaping
    11 Pipers Piping
    12 Drummers Drumming

    But there have been several variations, among those
    from Muppets to Rednecks. What are your favorite variations?

    AND share those weird lyric variations
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    Re: The 12 Days of Christmas

    I liked the 12 Days After Christmas. I forget what all of them were but a part of it had to do with chopping down the pear tree and calling the ASPCA.

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    Re: The 12 Days of Christmas

    The song (any version) grates on me but I do like Bob Rivers "12 Pains of Christmas".

    I forgot, I also like the Phantom of the Opera version I heard for the first time last year-"The 12 Days of Phantom".
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    Re: The 12 Days of Christmas

    Muppets and Bob Rivers. Two best versions, imo.

    But I also like Alan Sherman's version on Dr. Demento's Christmas cd.
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    Re: The 12 Days of Christmas

    I just want to know how someone can be that into birds? I mean come on! Who is this guy, Alfred Hitchcock? I hope his true love has a newspaper subscription cos that's a lot of freakin' birds! Don't forget... those geese are a-layin'! Some of those eggs will be a-hatchin'!

    And if that isn't bad enough, he starts bringing in show business people with the ladies dancing, drummers drumming. Ok I'll accept they're in show business... they're used to working around the holidays.

    But what about those maids a-milkin'? They'd rather be home with their families on Christmas, not yankin' on a cow!

    And I'll be damned if I'm picking those pears!

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    Re: The 12 Days of Christmas

    On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree,
    Lol I am singing. Next.

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