Hey there,

I'm not sure this is the right subforum to place this in - I hope it is. If not, then sorry.

Anyway...in my spare time, I am working on the concepts of a themepark of my own design. Yes, I know you are probably frowning in front of your screen right now, but that's okay
I am still in the start-up phase. To get a better understanding of how a themepark does its job, I am making a list of all the characteristics of apark from the guests' point of view. However, I think this list would be better and more complete if other people helped. So what do you think is very important in a themepark. I don't mean specifically a Disney park, but just in general. This is an idealized view of a themepark though. Below is the list of characteristics I have so far. Any comments are appreciated!

Guest Experience
The themes are based on either a story or an atmospherical mood
1 overall theme for the park + different linked subthemes for each area
Religions that are still practised are not part of the theming
All on stage elements are themed
No sightlines beyond themed area boundaries
All five senses are part of the experience
Guests are encouraged to explore new areas by "weenies"
Theming comes to live by adding moving objects

There are no dead places with nothing to do and no long empty walkways
There are several means of transportation between different areas
Every day ends with a "kiss goodnight" ( nighttime show )
Water is always near the guests unless the theme prohibits this
There is lots of nature in the park

Guests' neccesities
Food and drinks are always in the guests' proximity at needed capacity
Same for restrooms, baby changing facilities et cetera
There is enough protection against the elements such as sun, rain, ...
Main walkways are flat for those guests with walking difficulties
There is at least one way to enter rides for guests with varieing disabilities
The park's layout is designed in such a way that it is easy to navigate
The main walkways have no dead-ends ( prevents guests getting lost )
Queues are always minimized
The park's most popular attractions are evenly distributed over the park
to minimize crowd control problems